Babbling brook. Taken by Ms. Vee

Babbling brook.
Taken by Ms. Vee

This afternoon has an eerie quietness. I find it to be, both enchanting and bewitching The bushes are swaying  but there is no sound of wind. Plastic bags, bottles, and aluminum cans are being blown along the nature trail. I’m standing at a babbling brook, watching the water gush over the pebbles. This is ordinarily a calming, and relaxing location. I would meditate here, for nearly an hour. But today it’s bewitching.

Two cardinals are perched on a branch, their beaks moving, but I can’t hear their chirps. This is not the quietness I am in search of. This is not peace, it’s causing me anxiety.

I cock my head slightly; like a dog when it’s trying to understand his order. It’s ridiculous to think by doing this; it will enable me to hear the voices of nature.

I have come to the conclusion that quietness is the peace you find within yourself. If you lose the sounds of life in its harmony, you lose the being you are.

Tomorrow I will find my peace, not mere quietness.