Aromatherapy (Photo credit: golo)

How many days do I have to stay stuck in this bottle? I sit in the shower tray, alongside of the luffa that gets used the majority of the time. You purchased me, and don’t allow me the joy of pleasing your body. I know it’s faster to turn on the shower head, and stand in the porcelain bathtub. I’m jealous of the shower gel. It gets rubbed all over your body once a day, sometimes twice.

Yes, she’s finally turning on the facets and reaching for me. I am so excited. Condensation is forming on me. I think I’m going to pop my top. I feel a burst of steam when she finally unclasp, and pours my thick, lavender scent liquid in the tub. I’m floating and rising, higher and higher.

When I reach the rim of the bear claw tub, she slowly eases down on me! I hear her whisper ohhh, this feels good. She begins to gently pull me against her nude body. I’m hot. After she splashes me around for several minutes, she slides down and covers  herself with me up to her neck. She relaxes and slightly bends her knees. She is lying here, perfectly still. Wow, she’s hot. I am lavishing her with sheer bubble pleasure.

She reaches for the facets again. I get hotter. There isn’t anywhere to go. I’m starting to overflow.

I know she is going to burst my bubbles!

No. No, I don’t wanna gooooooo