He moved next door.  He’s handsome. Mom sees me watching him; she says stay away from that boy. I don’t want you talking to him. That’s Martha’s son Martin, he is a young womanizer.

Me: Okay mother. I won’t talk to him.

He seemed harmless enough to me. The girls were always around him, giggling and acting simple.

One-day we both were coming out of the apartment the same time, he startled me. I jumped.

Martin: Good morning, I didn’t mean to frighten you. Do you need a ride?

Me: I shook my head indicating no.

Martin: Alright, you have a great day!

A couple of days later, he was standing in the doorway when I came home.

Martin: Hello.

Me: I smiled, and waved.

The scenario went on for a couple of weeks. Today he is standing on the porch.

Martin: Hi, I got a new virtual video game, do you want to come in and check it out.

Me: I hunched my shoulders.

Martin: Ahhhh, come on. I need a partner to play the virtual game.

I looked at him, and thought, wow it sounds like fun.

Me: I shake my head to mean yes.

We played the video game, it was a blast. I won.

Martin: Why don’t you talk to me?

Me: “My mother said not to tak to you.”

Martin: Oh, I won’t mention that you said anything. I have a great idea. When you come over my house, we will play charades. Do you know how the game works?

Me: I shake my head to indicate yes.

Four months, we would play charades in his apartment. He would pucker his lips. I would kiss him. He extended hims arms, we embraced. I put my hand on my breast, he rubbed them. I’d pat my genital, he’d play with it. He pointed to the stairs, we rushed to the bedroom, undressed and made wild, passionate love.

A month later, I’m pregnant.

Me: Mom I am going to have a baby. Martin is the father.

Mom: I told you not to talk to that boy!

Me: I didn’t; we played charades.