future (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I won’t mislead you. I am not working on the completion of a book. The truth is; I am not an author, and I’ve been blogging for 3 weeks. I hope to acquire better writing skills, structure, and content. In order to reach that goal, it will require time, endurance, and a lot of practice.

The final chapter to me is, reflections from the past. To have positive direction towards the future, and maintain a well-balanced scope on reality.

Reflections from the past. I slammed the door, and removed the outside knob. I left an opening, so others could see the dysfunctional life-style,within the dwelling. Beware, don’t cross  this threshold. It’s toxic! The final glance is engraved in my memory. It will never be forgotten. It shouldn’t be. I won’t be condemned to repeat the past. The vicious cycle is broken. There was a loop-hole. I broke free. It may have always been there, but for a long time; I was blinded by chaos and madness.

Direction to the future. I feel uplifted, and spiritual moving forward. I surround myself with positive, encouraging, people. Family, friends, acquaintances, and you. Yes; my fellow bloggers! You are all the people who influence, and motivate me.

Well-balanced scope on reality. I need purpose, a goal, and self-discipline. I can’t allow myself to go astray from my plans. I will think positive, enjoy life, and share any good fortune. I am a firm believer, in that you have to give, to get rewarded. You have to give, to get rewarded.