Simulated gravitational lensing (black hole go...

Simulated gravitational lensing (black hole going past a background galaxy). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A summer day, 2013…Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!

This is a message from the emergency broadcast system. The universe is in darkness! This is not a test! We are attempting to get more information, and will keep you updated. Bonk!Bonk! Bonk! The message is scrolling across every television channel.

The president of the United States is pleading for everyone to remain calm and not panic.

Sirens are blaring! Church bells are ringing! The sounds are deafening.

The neighbors are grouped outside with flashlights, or battery operated lanterns. They are speculating the possible cause of the blackout in the sky. Some are panic-stricken, praying, and rambling incoherently it’s the end of world. Others are convinced of an alien invasion. I’m befuddled.

Fast forward>>>>> several weeks later.

NASA, astronomers, and scientist, ascertained the universe is in a black hole. There’s a strong possibility, this will be indefinite. Crowds of politicians scurry to the white house. Their primary focus is air traffic, ground transportation and security breaches.

The environmentalist studies, revealed rapid changes, due to the phenomenon. Nocturnal animals are roaming the cities. The seas and oceans temperatures have dropped. Insects are dying. It’s chilly in the summer days, cold at night. Flowers and crop gardens aren’t thriving. They require and warmth.

Any time you look outside, the rayless universe is devoid of the sun, moon, stars, and butterflies. The list is endless.

The end results, will be detrimental!

I will miss never seeing another rainbow. What will you miss the most?

One last thought. No matter how bleak the darkness, there is life!