playground (Photo credit: MademoiselleChaos)

Welcome back. Come along. Sit down.

The tale of the nameless children continues…..

The youngest victims were drowned. Their corpses were floating along the river. They were found, not long after, they were reported missing. Decomposition of their bodies had already taken place. I see their wet bloated faces, with holes in it, where fish had been eating at them. Some of the nameless children have gashes in them. Birds had picked at them too. They appear to have a permanent grin fixed on their face; most of the skin is missing. Their teeth are very prominent.

Their agonizing screams, from long ago, have turned to laughter in this playground. On the anniversary day of the first burn victim, the playground is engulfed with thick black smoke. The anniversary day of the last drowned victim, there is torrential rain. Those are the two days; the nameless children aren’t in the playground.

I am here every day. One nameless child is mine. I place the long stem black roses under each swing.

I killed that son of a bitch! I drenched his body with gasoline. The nameless children and I, threw matches and watched his body burn to ashes. I threw his remains in the river.

The nameless children were silent that day.

Can you smell them?