No, No, Nada!

Spider web

Spider web (Photo credit: Marcelo Tourne)

Do not use a vacuum cleaner. It is to powerful, and causes migraines. A soft-angled broom will suffice. Just gently sweep together the cobwebs on the brain, and force them out through my ear. Astonishingly, faces live inside my eyelids. During the day, the eyelashes spin a golden silk web. They tuck their faces into tiny balls. They hide in the parietal lobe; henceforward, cobwebs are formed. Once diagnosed with night-blindness, the faces provided the ability to see in the dark. I don’t know when they first materialized. There was a brief recognition of seeing a small black blotch on each pupil, but no concern was taken. Afterall, I see a lot of people with eyes that are similar to mine. Only mine are special, a bit creepy. But not demonic. Nocturnal faces live in my eyelids!

As time went on, I began to notice, spider webs in my eyes. I had nagging headaches, and became forgetful. I decided to ignore the metamorphoses. The night vision became vivid, without having to wear corrective lens. I developed a photographic memory. I am thankful to the faces. I made a simple decision. Have the cobwebs swept often, and wear shades during the day.

I am unique. I have faces that live in my eyelids!

If you have night-blindness, I suggest you examine your eyes. Should you see a fine, gold silk web in your eyes. Please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Vee.