Why try to change the things, we wish were never here, although we know within ourselves, the things which can appear.

You say they are our foes, just because they’re UFO’s, and the secrets they possess…not one of us can know. Of course they do alarm us, but never tried to harm us. They simply watch, wait, and learn, from what we do and know. Upon the earth, they could be kings; if ever they wished so.

But only do they watch us, as they travel to and fro. I wonder they pity, flaws of human men. And I suppose the way we live, seems primitive to them.

Of plights, theirs is the greatest, of any I suppose.

But in my heart, I truly feel, that we sky-watchers will reveal…..what scientific minds oppose to be

The Plight of UFO’s!

credit.. Jeanette Edward, Bronx, NY