Robyn was jolted awake, from the hysterical laughter of her mother. She could smell the venomous aroma reeking from the kitchen. It was a tasteless concoction of poisonous herbs, and wild roots. Wolfma had been mixing this into Grandmothers meals, for the past three months.

Robyn ran into the bathroom, gagging from the repugnant odor. She knew, she had only a few minutes to dress, and face her wicked mother in the kitchen. Robyn joined her mother, just as she was finishing the deadly preparations.

Today, she ordered Robyn to feed grandmother, soon as she arrived, at the small, dilapidated cabin.  She was terrorized of Wolfma and had been warned, she better not utter a word to anyone about their secret. It was eighty-two degrees, bright and sunny. Nonetheless, Robyn shivered with every step she took, along the narrow path, leading to grandmothers cabin.

Robyn knew grandmother would die. Wolfma was planning on feasting on her body. To Robyns astonishment, Wolfma told Robyn she had to partake, in devouring grandmother. It was a curse. The youngest female wolf, would rule the forest. Robyn did not trust Wolfma.

Robyn arrived at grandmothers. Robyn was not going to feed her, or keep the secret any longer. She loved her frail, and ill grandmother. Robyn sat on the small bed, brushed grandmothers brittle hair, and revealed the secret. Grandmother grinned, and in a weak voice, said.. don’t fret my child. You run along home, tell Wolfma I am dead. When she comes for me, I will kill her…..and eat her! Your love empowers me to destroy Wolfma.

The end to the curse is truth and love. I will die, but you will live a happy and normal life.