What have you heard about people born with a veil over their face? Do you believe they posses the ability to see spirits?

I was born with a veil over my face; an extra layer of skin, removed at birth. My first sighting was at the age of twelve. This is what happened. I call this apparition Night Creeper.

I know something is here, in my bedroom. I feel it, an overwhelming sense of uneasiness. A shadow lurks in the dark. Its suspended in the corner, slightly below the ceiling. Like a puppet on a string. In the blink of an eye. I see it clearly, standing along the bottom of the bed. Night Creepers silhouette! It is a boy. (extra-sensory perception alert) Short, small-framed, with a scroungy suitcase. Although, no arms or legs are visible. I’m not spooked. Just curious.

Night Creeper seems hesitant to do anything. He just stands immobile. Finally; the suitcase opens, and three objects appear on the bed. A bright red ball, the size of a golf ball. A doll with a mangled face, one eye is missing; but beautifully dressed. The last object is a rotten apple. It appears to have been bitten into, and maggots and worms are crawling all over it. I gag, and think I might throw up in my mouth. Uggg, I can taste the bile. How disgusting! I hate bugs, and maggots are vile. I can not take my eyes off the apple. I will freak if the bugs start crawling on the bed. They don’t. Phew. I am terrified of worms and maggots, but Night Creeper doesn’t alarm me. Wow, I admit…I am weird.

The ball begins to bounce, it lands in my hand. And the doll is next to me. We play catch for about five minutes.

The sound of the neighbors rooster, startles Night Creeper. His objects jumped into his suitcase, and he was gone. He never did visit me again. But I will always remember, my first contact with an apparition. Wherever Night Creeper is, I hope the little boys finds a friend to keep him company. No one should be alone! Living or Dead.

Creeper House

Creeper House (Photo credit: EpF)