night sweats with chills

night sweats with chills (Photo credit: leslie feinberg)

I awaken to a chilled wetness. The sheets; fitted, flat, and pillowcase, is drenched. Dragging myself out of bed, I sleepily walk into the kitchen. I need water, air, and a towel. Water first; I am dehydrated. I gulp down a bottle of water. My body is burning, it’s overheated. (hiccough) The perspiration on my forehead tinges. Beads of sweat roll under my neck. It cascades on; between my breast, and inches its way down. In my navel, further down my legs. It rest on my toes, like tiny bubbles on a rock. Yuk, what an uncomfortable feeling. And the darn hiccoughs!!

Alright, get your mind out the gutter. I’m not describing a wet dream. It’s the infamous Night Sweats. Now having said that; goose bumps cover my entire body. I shudder. The hair on my unshaved legs, look similar to porcupine quills. ( hiccough) I’m freezing. I pull the blanket off the bed in the guest room, wrapping it around me, as I walk into the living room. (hiccough) I lay on the sofa, and curl myself in the fetal position.

Golden…what?  Yeah, golden age, or years or…yada, yada, yada. Who cares? This is how Hot I am. 😥 (hiccough, hiccough, hiccough) I yawn. (hiccough) Ouch. That hurts. WTF!!!!!!!!