One can speak.

One can speak.

The sound of crashing waves, smell of salt water, a sprinkle of sticky mist against my face, is therapeutic. If you remain still for several minutes, close your eyes; and listen intently, you can join me. We will visit serenity at the beach. The year is 2100. Time zone….unknown.

As we stroll along the beach, I am captivated by natures beauty. Standing on the murky brown sand, peering at the vast ocean, channels my psychic. It’s heaven-sent. An unworldly location, no technology, or vehicles. Everyone here is transparent. At this moment, race has no substance. I want to stay here forever, but I can’t.  Come along, we have to continue…..

Seagulls screech, and soar above our heads. We look up, and hasten our steps. We don’t want them pooping on us. I wonder if they could speak, what they would say. At that instance; one says “I do speak. Mankind is to loud and fast paced to hear me.” I compose myself quickly from a state of shock. I don’t want to lose this once in a lifetime opportunity. I ask “Do you eat fish?” No reply. Alright, I’m positive one of those seagulls spoke. “Your correct in your thinking.” Hmmmmm, think, think, think. Okay I am going to attempt mental telepathy, on the beach, with a seagull! How bizarre is that? I should seek therapy. Seagull..”No you don’t, you need to be quiet,” Do you eat fish? “Seagull..”No, the ocean is toxic. We eat food humans waste.” What are they crabs doing? Seagull..“Oh they are fighters to the end.” What about the clams? Seagull..”They are the most protected. Their shell shields them from microorganism, and scavengers that have learned to adapt to all the pollution in the ocean.”

My attention span was one directional. I look around for my silent tag along, and the entity, had vanished.

The moral of this story is; be quiet, slow down. Your priceless reward, is to hear the glorious voices of nature.

Quietness permits you to think, the impossible.