National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills (Photo credit: mySAPL)

You posses a strong and positive attitude. Your disposition reveals a passionate person. From this I gain strength. Your intelligent, caring, generous and humorous.

When I look deep into your piercing eyes, and see that burning glaze; a flame within me begins to raise. Your gentle qualities make me desire to be intimate with you.

Take me under the stars, on the rich dew grass. Be mine before the joyful hours pass. Love me my friend, and lover. Near or apart, fantasize, or watch and see my body arch. In our world is beauty and love.

Come on baby, mingle with me, let’s travel into a world of ecstasy. You and I know how special it can be. Hold me tightly in your arms, caress my body with all yours charms.

Let our minds wonder astray, in this way we won’t seem very far away.