I must admit that for many years I wore a facade. It was a disguise to hide the pain and suffering. Miraculously I worked, and kept a smile on my face. I woke up almost 2 years ago! This was my eye-opener. I stood in my cold,  drab, musky-smelling bedroom and peered at my image in the dusty cracked mirror. I say to my eerie-shadowed reflection piercing back at me, I look odd. The reason is because I am wearing a facade.

Today is the day I proceed to place both hands in front of me, one hand under the other. Having positioned my left hand below my right. With all my will, I conger up enough strength to shove my callous fingers up to my face. Without hesitation I begin to yank, and peel off pieces of flesh. I feel no pain, because they are alien strips from a deep, dark, and wet tormented invaded space; not of self.

The crack in the mirror seemed to dissipate, and suddenly it struck me, as intense as a lightning rod, it was a message directly from God! Today is the last day I will wear a facade.

What I ask of you before you quickly scatter away is….who do you portray today and every day?

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