I am outraged that Lil Wayne would utter such a statement in his remix (Karate Chop) about Emmett Till. I have been led to believe that Lil Wayne has a brilliant mind, where is it? It must be stuck up his azz! Or he has way to much bizarre ink on face, he can no longer think. But on the other side of the sphere; it is not music he produces, it is vulgar disrespect to women. And yes, scores of listeners enjoy the insults, and shake their booties to the crap, or is it “rap”. It is blatantly degrading to the struggle and plight; past and future of African-Americans.

I won’t forget to mention that during the civil rights movement, there were whites marching to show support for equality. This is not a racial issue.

It would be a joy to see Lil Wayne eat this record. I bet he would have no problem, gold teeth are strong.  Show him the reward for his ignorance.  Music artist should not produce any music featuring him on their labels. Show support and respect for those who suffered in the past for your opportunity for fame today.

WTF? Lil brain