Would you be embarrassed, or apprehensive, to discuss your desire to try something completely let me say “over the top” with your significant other?

I was reluctant, to talk openly about wanting to experience something; out of the norm. Nevertheless, I found the voice and it spilled out so fast, I nearly had time to take a breath. I was fearful that if I didn’t blurt out what I wanted to do, it may not have been said.

My partner was elated to know I had a yearning. He also felt, that he was not putting any pressure on me. We were going  to take our intimacy to another level.  All I had to do was  put my inhibitions behind me.

It definitely changed my bedroom boredom. Staying focused on what I wanted, took me to a platform of pleasure I never imagined possible.

So go ahead and take a leap. You might actually see the stars!